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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Look4Travel licensed?
A; Yes, Look4Travel is a fully bonded travel agent. Our License is held in Queensland and our license number is 3284882.

Q: Is Look4Travel part of the Travel Compensation Fund?
A: Yes we are. Our TCF Membership number is 9728.

Q: Is my privacy protected?
A: Look4Travel will treat all information you provide to us with complete confidentiality. There may be instances where we need to collect and securely store information from you in order to allow you to use the site more easily and effectively. Look4Travel may also provide links on our website to third party sites; in these instances should you go through to another website, please ensure you read all of the Privacy Policy terms and ensure you protect all of your own passwords.

Q: What are Look4Travel's Opening Hours?
A: Look4Travel's Service Centre is currently open from 08.00-18.00 AEDT Monday to Friday

Q: Do I have to book online?
A: No, Look4Travel has a Service Centre available each weekday to assist with your enquiry. Some travel arrangements such as Cruises and Coach Tours cannot be booked online currently, but bookings are welcomed over the phone.

Q: Is a visa required for travel?
A: Travel from one country to another may well require a visa depending on the destination, transit points and your nationality. Look4Travel are not visa experts and do not offer visa requirement advice at all. We do, however, advise our passengers that you MUST check any visa requirements through Visalink:
or through the National Overseas Mission of the countries through or to which you are travelling.

Q: Is it possible to give feedback?
A: Certainly. Both positive and negative feedback are always welcome at Look4Travel; it makes us strive to consistently improve our service. Our feedback e-mail address to use is;


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Q: How far in advance of travelling can I purchase a flight ticket?
A: All scheduled airlines release their seat availability no more than 12 months in advance. Some Low Cost Carrier airlines can be booked more than 12 months in advance though.

Q: What is the longest duration available for a flight ticket?
A: On scheduled airline services the longest validity on any return ticket is one year.

Q: What is the maximum age for a child on a flight ticket?
A: The age for a child ticket varies from airline to airline. The majority of child tickets require for the traveller to be UNDER 12 years of age at the time of the first leg of the journey.

Q: What is the maximum age of an infant on a flight ticket?
A: Infants who do not require a seat must be under 24 months or 2 years old at the time of the first leg of the journey. Child tickets can be purchased for an infant less than 2 years; they will be allocated a seat provided payment of the full child fare is made.

Q: Are there any other 'discount' fares that may be purchased?
A: Flight ticket purchases are possible for students and seniors, subject to approval and providing all required proof of identity and eligibility is met.

Q: What flight ticket will I receive?
A: Since 01 June 2008, ALL airline tickets are now e-tickets. This means that flight tickets purchased through any airline or agent are processed and provided electronically. In many instances you are still required to carry a paper copy of your e-ticket. E-tickets will be sent to you by e-mail by our Service Centre staff upon receipt of full payment. You may then print them if you wish.

Q: Can I book a flight ticket with a stopover?
A: Flight tickets with stopovers can be booked online on our Flight Booking Engine, they can also be purchased through our Service Centre where our trained and very helpful, knowledgeable staff can assist with more complex multi stop itineraries including Round World airfares too.

Q: What is an open jaw?
A: An Open Jaw is a journey that involves departing from one airport to another and then returning from a completely different airport and even returning to a completely different airport. These types of flight tickets can also be purchased both online and through our Service Centre.

Q: What is a surface sector?
A: A surface sector is a stopover or break in your journey en-route to your final destination, where you arrive at one airport and depart from another. These types of flight tickets can also be purchased both online and through our Service Centre.

Q: Is it necessary to re-confirm flight tickets?
A: Look4Travel recommends that you re-confirm each and every individual flight that you book. This must be done directly with each airline. Look4Travel will not accept responsibility for any missed journeys should your ticket not be reconfirmed.

Q:  How many people are required for a Group travel discount?
A: Group bookings are generally considered to be for 10 or more people. These numbers vary depending on the airline or supplier. Please call our Service Centre to enquire about Group Discounts.

Q: Can I guarantee any Special Requests?
A: Special Requests are requests (such as meal requirements, assistance) that are always subject to availability with the airline(s) you are travelling with. Every care is taken by Look4Travel to ensure your requests are processed; however it is solely at the discretion of each airline to provide these services.

Q: What is my luggage allowance?
A: Luggage allowance varies from airline to airline. The standard amount of permitted luggage for an adult and child (24 months and over) for travel to the Americas is 2 pieces of 32 kilograms each. For all other destinations the standard is one piece of luggage weighing 20 kilograms. However, standards vary greatly based on airline and destination, please ensure that you verify your luggage allowance with each airline you travel on.

Q: Is it possible to book flights originating outside Australia?
A: Yes, flights can be searched and booked from ANYWHERE to ANYWHERE.

Q: Is it possible to book flights using Frequent Flyers?
A: No, all Frequent Flyer points' bookings must be made with the respective airline(s).

Q: Is it possible to book flights but not be one of the passengers?
A: Yes, it will be necessary to complete credit card authorisation forms and provide copies of the front and back of the paying credit card plus a copy of personal identification such as a passport or drivers' licence.

Q: What about restrictions regarding Carry-On luggage?
A: Carry-On luggage restrictions vary depending on the airports travelled from, to and through in addition to each airline's restrictions. It is best to check prior to departure with the relevant authorities.

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Q: Are the rates for hotels based on per room or per person?
A: Look4Travel's Hotel rates are based on a TOTAL price for the total stay for all guests.

Q: Do children receive discounted rates?
A: Child discount rates vary with each hotel. If a child discount applies, it is passed on and included within the total room rate.

Q: Is it necessary to re-confirm a hotel reservation?
A: No, all hotels confirmed through the Look4Travel Hotel Booking Engine do not require any reconfirmation. They are instantly confirmed at the time of booking.

Q: Is there any way to make 'special requests'?
A: Yes, absolutely. During the booking process there is a section prompting any special requests such as smoking or non-smoking rooms or bedding configuration. Special requests are only requests that depend on availability and are at the discretion of the individual hotel property.

Q: Is a confirmation of the hotel booking sent?
A: Yes, each hotel reservation made requires a confirmation voucher which is e-mailed immediately after receipt of full payment to the e-mail address provided. This receipt is both for payment and a voucher for check-in at the hotel.

Q: What happens if I am delayed in arriving to my hotel reservation?
A: Most hotel room reservations are held until 09.00 local time the following morning after the designated time of check-in.

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Car Hire

Q: Is it possible to drop a Car Hire off at a different location?
A: Yes, one way drop off rates for Car Hire are available in most countries and in some instances between different countries. Charges do apply for returning a car hire to a different depot.

Q: Are there any age restrictions on hiring a car?
A: Car Hire age restrictions vary by country and car hire company. If you are under 25 years of age or 65 years of age and older please ensure you check at the time of booking in the full Terms and Conditions, there may well be an excess payable beforehand or locally.

Q: Can a Car Hire be delivered rather than picked up?
A: Yes, certain countries and cities in those countries have delivery facilities which vary by car hire company. You will need to verify this at the time of booking by contacting the Service Centre.

Q: Is it necessary to get an International Drivers License?
A: Drivers must produce a full Australian driving licence held for at least one year (or in some cases an international driving licence). In some destinations, drivers must have held a full licence for a minimum of 2 years. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that he/she has the appropriate driving licence.

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Low Cost Airlines

Q: What is a Low Cost Airline?
A: Low cost Airlines are also known as Low Cost Carriers or Budget Airlines. Whilst they run scheduled services in most countries that they fly, they are different from scheduled airlines in the service they provide. By being "Low-Cost" these budget carriers do not provide all or many of the services that people normally expect. Indeed, passengers wanting such comforts as refreshments, entertainment, seating preference, even baggage on board are required to pay for such privileges. It is by not providing such services as standard that Low Cost airlines are able to consistently provide discounted pricing.

Q: Are changes to Low Cost Airline bookings permitted?
A: Yes, in order to make ANY changes at all after purchasing a 'low cost' ticket all enquiries must be made and any applicable fees paid to the airline directly.

Q: Is it necessary to re-confirm Low Cost flights?
A: Yes. As with all airline flight tickets, Look4Travel recommends that you re-confirm each and every individual flight that you book. This must be done directly with each airline. Look4Travel will not accept responsibility for any missed journeys should your ticket not be reconfirmed.

Q: What are the rules regarding Check-In baggage?
A: In many instances, Low Cost Airline flight tickets do NOT include any provision for check-in baggage. This is an extra service that must be purchased at the airport. In order to see if this is included in the flight ticket or if there is an extra charge (and what the amount is), please contact the airline directly, using the telephone number provided.

Q: How will the flight ticket be charged to me?
A: Low Cost Carrier flight ticket purchases appear on your Credit/Debit card statement directly from the airline themselves. This amount may be charged in foreign currency and converted to Australian dollars. There may be a slight fluctuation in the conversion rate at the time of purchase and you may incur a currency conversion fee from your financial institution.

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Travel Insurance

Q: Is Travel Insurance compulsory?
A: Travel Insurance is highly recommended by Look4Travel in line with the advice given by the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Please ensure that the Insurance policy that you take is more than adequate for the purposes of your journey and purchase Travel Insurance at the time of making your original booking.

Q: Do I automatically receive Travel Insurance when paying by Credit Card?
A: No. Whilst you may have a Travel Insurance policy attached to a credit card, please ensure that this policy does cover you for the trip you have purchased and that the protection it provides for that trip is more than adequate.

Q: Do children require a separate Travel Insurance policy?
A: Children are covered IF they are less than 21 years of age, fully dependant and resident at the same address and travelling with an adult who has an Insurance policy purchased through Look4Travel. If children under 21 travel without their responsible adult, they must purchase their own Travel Insurance policy. Up to 2 children less than 21 years of age are covered per adult.

Q: How are Travel Insurance claims processed?
A: Travel Insurance claims are processed by completing a Travel Insurance Claim Form. Please ring our call centre in order to be able to be sent the form.

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Q: Is it safe to pay on-line?
A: Yes absolutely. Look4Travel uses the most up-to-date, secure on-line technology to process payments.

Q: Which Credit Cards are permitted for payments?
A: Look4Travel accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club credit cards.

Q: Are there any Booking Fees if my booking is made online?
A: Yes. Click on Online Booking Fees which is labelled clearly throughout the booking process to see which charges may be applicable to your booking.

Q: Will there be any additional charge for paying by Credit Card?
A: Yes. Visa and Mastercard payments have an additional 2% surcharge and American Express and Diners Club attract 3.5% as a surcharge.

Q: Is it possible to use someone else's Credit Card to make payment?
A: Yes, it will also be necessary to complete credit card authorisation forms and provide copies of the front and back of the paying credit card plus a copy of personal identification such as a passport or drivers' licence

Q: Will I receive notification that my booking is confirmed and payment received?
A: Yes. All confirmed payments and finalised bookings will generate an E-ticket confirmation, receipt of payment and Tax Invoice. These will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the booking process.

Q: When will the credit card be charged?
A: All payments made by Credit Card are charged immediately at the same time as confirmation of the travel arrangements. Your financial institution may take up to 72 hours to display the transfer, please refer to your card issuer for details.

Q: Do all of the rates include GST?
A: Where GST is applicable it is included within the price of each product displayed. GST payment receipt is displayed separately where applicable on all Invoices for tax purposes.

Q: How else can I pay apart from Credit Card?
A: Look4Travel also accepts bank transfer of funds as a method of payment. In order to make payment this way, you must contact our Service Centre during opening hours in order to obtain the bank transfer details. PLEASE REMEMBER - all prices for purchases are NOT guaranteed until payment is received in full and the documentation, including e-tickets are issued. Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days to reach our bank account.

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Changes and Cancellations

Q: Is it possible to make changes to a booking after payment?
A; Yes, in many instances it is possible to make a change or amendment to a booking. In order to make any changes, you must contact the Service Centre by telephone or e-mail to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff who will be happy to assist you. Please note that in all instances, there will be a Service Fee charged in order to confirm any changes made, in addition to any charges made by the supplier(s). Also there are instances where changes will not be permitted by the supplier or it may be necessary in some circumstances to speak directly with the supplier to make changes.

Q: How do I cancel my booking?
A: If you have made payment for a booking and wish to cancel then you must contact our Service Centre in writing to advise that you wish to cancel. There will be charges to cancel your booking from the suppliers and Look4Travel will charge a minimum Service Fee to process your cancellation.

Q: Can I change my reservation into another person's name?
A: No. Once a reservation is made with any supplier, it is not possible to simply change the name on a booking. The reservations will need to be cancelled with the appropriate fees and penalties paid and a completely new booking will have to be made.

Q: When is payment required?
A: Full payment is required at the time of booking when making reservations via all of the Online Booking Engines. In some instances, purchases by telephone can be made with a deposit that guarantees your availability, but not your price until full payment is received and documents issued.

Q: How long will it take for a refund to be processed?
A: Refunds vary in the amount of time they take to process depending on the supplier. The standard length of time is between 8 and 14 weeks.

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Q: What happens to my personal information?
A: Look4Travel takes every necessary precaution to ensure that personal information including payment details are transmitted using site encryption technology known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This ensures security during any transmission of information and allows users to verify that Look4Travel is legitimate in receiving any communication this way. Any personal information sent to Look4Travel is strictly confidential and securely stored. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Q: What is the optimal way to view the Look4Travel website?
A: Look4Travel is optimised to use Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 and Mozilla Firefox 3(or above). It is essential to have Javascript enabled and a minimum screen resolution setting of 1024x768 pixels.

Q: If I encounter technical issues, is there anyone I can contact?
A: Yes. Look4Travel has a specifically designated e-mail address to ensure your query is dealt with as quickly as possible. The e-mail address is; support@look4travel.com.au